2021 New York State

Women's Amateur Championships

Teugega Country Club (Rome) | June 28-29, 2021


Memorandum to Players

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There are two championships being played at Teugega Country Club. The format and cut information for each championship is listed below:


91st NYS Women's Amateur Championship

  • Format: 54 holes of stroke play
  • Cut: After 18 holes to the low 30 players and ties

12th NYS Women's Mid-Amateur Championship

  • Format: 36 holes of stroke play
  • Cut: None



Listed below is the tentative schedule of events for this year’s championship at Teugega. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. Any changes will necessitate an email to the field with an update.


Sunday, June 27

  • 12:00pm...................Practice facility open
  • 1:00-3:00pm............ Player practice rounds

Monday, June 28

  • 6:00am......................Practice facility open
  • 8:00-9:40am.............Round 1 from tee #1 (Mid-Ams)
  • 9:50-11:50am...........Round 1 from tee #1 (Ams)

Tuesday, June 29

  • 6:00am......................Practice facility open
  • 7:30-9:00am.............Round 2 from tee #1 (Mid-Ams)
  • 7:30-9:00am.............Round 2 from tee #10 (Ams)
  • 11:30-2:30pm...........Player lunch
  • 2:00pm.....................Award ceremony (Mid-Ams)
  • 12:30-2:00pm...........Round 3 from tee #1 (Ams)
  • 7:00pm.....................Award ceremony (Ams)



Pairings for Rounds 1 will be posted online (click here) and emailed to players on 12:00pm on Friday, June 18.

Players who plan to arrive at Teugega on Sunday, June 27 for practice rounds will register in-person with NYSGA staff by the pro shop. Players will be provided with their tee gifts, have their profile picture taken for online scoring, and be given final important notices and reminders. If a player cannot register in-person on Sunday, they may do so on Monday prior to their tee time.


A complimentary practice round is available on Sunday, June 27. There is no other practice round availability. All players may use a golf cart, the fee is $20 and payable in the pro shop.To secure a tee time, DO NOT CALL THE PRO SHOP.  Players must register for a practice round via the website noted below, which will become active at 12:00pm on Friday, June 18.


  • Visit "Schedule Your Practice Round" under the "Pairings" menu option (active 6/18 at 12pm)
  • Select your name from the search bar
  • Select your desired tee time. You may add other player in the field to your grouping.
  • If you need assistance, please call the NYSGA office at 315-471-6979.



Click here to view the tentative yardage for each championship is shown below. The distance may be different based on numerous factors, including course condition and weather.


A player may provide her own 
caddie. No caddies are available through the host club. All caddies will be required to use an NYSGA bib during competition rounds. Bibs can be checked out at the registration table (license is required as a deposit).


The driving range, which is limited to 150 yards, will be provided complimentary to players (see schedule for times). The Delta Knolls Driving Range does not have a distance limit and is located 0.9 miles (2 min) from Teugega.



Lunch will be provided for all contestants on Monday and Tuesday from approximately 11:30am until 2:30pm. Lunch for spectators and caddies will be available for purchase (pricing TBA).



Water bottles and fruit/snacks will be provided on the golf course for players/caddies only.



  • Women's Amateur: Not permitted during stipulated rounds (see below).
  • Women's Mid-Amateur: The use of golf carts is permitted. The fee is $20 per player, payable to the pro shop before each round. The NYSGA's Golf Cart Policy is in effect for this championship.



Players must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorized by the Committee. The optional condition prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect will be in effect. A disabled player or caddie may be permitted to use a golf cart as an accommodation to his or her ability. As required by the ADA, the NYSGA will evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis.


The use of a push cart, whether manual or electric, is permitted.


Spectators are encouraged to attend this Championship follow guidelines consistent with other golf competitions. Spectators are expected to maintain a reasonable distance (at least 20 yards) from players and to always walk with or ahead of the group they are following. Spectators must not give players advice, doing so could result in the player being penalized. Spectators who are in breach of these recommendations may be subject to removal from the golf course.


The NYSGA is willing to accommodate spectators with an ADA disability by allowing them to ride in their own golf cart. To request this accommodation, a spectator must complete an return the NYSGA Golf Cart Request Form.



The NYSGA does not have a group hotel rate assigned for this Championship (NYSGA members may use Affinity Travel Benefits to save on lodging). Listed below are hotels in the region, their distance from the golf course, and the estimated commute time.


Listed below are a number of important Conditions of Competition and Local Rules for this Championship.


  • RULES OF GOLF; WHEN COMPETITION IS FINAL. Play will be governed by The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA and R&A. Questions are to be referred to the NYSGA Rules Committee, whose decision will be final. The result of this Championship is final when the Championship trophy has been presented.
  • NYSGA LOCAL RULES AND TERMS OF THE COMPETITION (HARD CARD). Download the 2019 NYSGA Hard Card (click here).
  • GOLF BALLS; DRIVER HEADS. Model Local Rules G-1 and G-3 are in effect. Visit the USGA website for a list of approved golf balls (click here) and driver heads (click here).
  • PERSONAL APPEARANCE. Players must be neat in appearance with respect to personal grooming and clothing.



To withdraw, promptly notify the NYSGA (call 315-471-6979, or e-mail adam@usga.org). Failure to do so may result in disqualification from future NYSGA competitions.



It is a condition that players must play without undue delay in accordance with guidelines established by the Committee. To view the NYSGA's Pace of Play Policy, click here.


In the event of a discontinuance of play during this Championship, players must adhere to the evacuation plan distributed by the NYSGA.



Players and/or their guests must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times. Any excessive display of anger, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, lack of golfing etiquette or disrespect to a fellow player or any other individual may be grounds or disqualification from any tournament. The NYSGA reserves the right to revoke a player's tournament entry, without a refund, at any time for conduct deemed inappropriate or damaging to the NYSGA.



Andrew Hickey, NYSGA Assistant Executive Director


(315) 481-1152



Dan Mort, USGA P.J. Boatwright, Jr Intern


(315) 471-6979